Directed by Jason Byrne

Camera by Jason Bryne and Theron Patterson
Music by Albert Ortega
Produced by Mike Plante
Edited by Stephanie Kern and Jason Byrne
Chinese film montage by Caroline Key
made at CalArts 2009

Jason Byrne (director/producer) grew up in a small industrial town in northern California where his father would pull him and his sister out of school once or twice a year to see freight train derailments nearby. He has a Masters in live-action film from CalArts and currently works as an Audio/Visual archivist in Tanzania for the United Nations Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Mike Plante (producer) has been a film festival programmer since 1993, working at Sundance since 2002 and at CineVegas from 2002-2009. He started Cinemad magazine in 1998, to cover unusual films and character actors ( He directed the feature documentary Be Like An Ant (2010) and produced Thanks. Get In… (2009), directed by James Fotopoulos and written by Raymond Pettibon.

Theron Patterson (cinematographer) is originally from the US, but has been living and working in Istanbul, Turkey for 8 years. He makes films as well as works as a sound designer and teaches. He recently directed the narrative feature Bahti Kara (Black Cloud) (2010).

Albert Ortega (composer) is a sound wizard who is connected to the most amazing angles of expansive music output in Los Angeles. His dendritic love has spread around various regions of the Earth in the form of small-run releases, homemade acoustic instruments and analog devices, performance, sound installation, and most recently, film. He also performs under the name Dirty Branchez.

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