Out of the Blue

A former sailor of the ship when it was called the Bulk Promoter, Stein Ivar Solfall from Norway, found our site and sent us photos from his time aboard. You can't script better pics from the 70s. Stein is playing golf in the last pic.

We are lucky to find this man:

"Hello Jason. Thank you very much for your reply.  I have some pictures from 1975 to 1977. When I come back to the ship where I work today as Pumpman, I will scan the pic and send them to you. Bulk Promoter was a very good ship. I was onboard for 17 1/2 month with no break. I was oiler the first 6 month and the last 12 month as motorman.  I come onboard in Bandar Abbas, Iran in September 1975. That time was when the shah family was thrown out from Iran and it was chaos there. We was laying at anchor for 4 -5 month loaded with rice from New Orleans. There was 180 ship waiting outside Bandar Abbas for discharging. After finish there we sail to Ko Si Chang in Thailand and stay there 12 days loading animal food for cows, in bulk. Nice days there with 30 nice girls wisiting us onboard....After finish loading we sail to Singapore for loading Teakwood on deck. Then we sail to Antwerpen in Belgium, Drydocking in Holland and then we start sailing between Britich Columbia with lumber to France and England for 1 year.  Again, Thank you for your mail...   Stein Ivar Solfall,  Ørnes, Norway."

Stein is on the left.